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Jazz India Circuit – Delhi

It was a spellbinding evening at Jazz India Circuit Delhi- 2018 at One Golden Mile, Teamwork Arts  “Jazz India Circuit” has collated a musical arena of Indo and western remix to Jazz, where we experienced legendary drummer Dave Weckl and Experimental musicians from Absandey , Soulful music from the diaspora house and others. JIC is planning […]

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Courage Has No Limit : Poorna

Little girl with strong will power for change , that’s how poorna. Many of us may know about her but, when we meet her she is one strong individual with no question of failure in her mind. Her aim to succeed is so clear that nothing else matters. Her preparation for quest to success has […]

Go Go Football – India

Physical Literacy and its role in long-term Athlete Development and Sports

 Anubhav Karmakar – From Running to Completing Ironman 70.3

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Company with the Solar vision

An another start-up with a basic idea of providing a solution to day to day power requirement, they figured out the ways of helping and earning equally for customers and themselves. Interestingly each customer talks about the transparency these guys work with, unmatched dedications and commitment they deliver. We are happy to bring the story of Zolt Energy, stepping into the […]

Pizza with a Purpose

The man who kept going

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Time is Free but Priceless

Keeping time has been a priority of the human race for thousands of years. The first timekeepers kept time with the movement of the sun. Throughout human history, timekeepers have developed from an essential home utility to an expression of luxury and beauty. From elaborate floor clocks to the silent but powerful pocket watch, the […]

Don’t give up until you try

Say No to Menstrual Cramps with Livia

5 Step Guide To A Chiseled Look

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