Anubhav Karmakar – From Running to Completing Ironman 70.3


Hyderabad Runners can be termed as the torchbearer of community running in Hyderabad, what began as a brief ensemble of self-motivated running enthusiasts who rallied their dreams and nurtured running as an indispensable activity across several sections of the society.

Anubhav started the activity of running with Hyderabad Runners to stay fit and make it an active lifestyle became a way to meet and socialize with people who had the same inspiration and motivation to stay fit and healthy. Whenever there is a practice the members of the group coordinate to meet and do this activity together.

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This lead to running regularly to running a marathon to completing Ironman 70.3 which is Half Triathlon.

A Triathlon consists of Swimming, Cycling, and Running. Each of the sport has a different strategy when it is being done individually. For example, Swimming in the Ocean has to be figured out in the tide, wave and wind direction to play in the favor. Cycling has to be done in a way where the aerodynamic drag is reduced to help in conserving the energy to complete the sport. Running has a strategy of pacing up accordingly during the run i.e. In a full marathon running actually begins after 30 km to complete the sport.

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Athletes are self-motivated and a normal individual needs an extra bit of motivation to start and pursue the sport.

An Ironman 70.3, also known as a Half Ironman, is one of a series of long-distance triathlon races organized by the World Triathlon Corporation. It consists of 1.9 km of Swimming followed by 90 km of biking followed by 21.1 km run.

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Every sport has a unique strategy and managing the three together has a different challenge as the managing the equipment is also important.

Aero of Aerodynamics is everything the way you do it. Its done in Stage Racing i.e. racing day after day. Once the day is over the athletes start with the recovery i.e. consuming energy drink and their recovery massage to beginning the race the next day to complete the race.

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Training and coaching for multisport such as Running, Swimming and Cycling have shaped the personality. It has become the good way to stay fit to having an active social life to travel and meet people around the world.