Art of Customer Acquisition by Raj N Phani from Zaggle


Customer Acquisition is an art and it is similar to dating for a Startup. Because there are a few basic questions which goes on in the mind of both the startup which is launching it’s product or service and customer which will utilise it.

What are you going to get into?
How are you going to get into?
What is the relationship going to be?

To figure this out it is an extremely smart move to acquire customer at low cost through knowing who, where and how about the customer.

What cost will they come and whether retention is possible or not as they have always ridden on other people’s platform.

Build Cohort or small structures to figure out how the customer is engaged through Strategic Partnership or Integration which is a continuous trial and error.

Customers believe in Influencer and invest in good Influencer Network which creates a channel to acquire customer. Engaging customers through Referrals and Product Displays gets customer to hooked onto the content created by the organisation.

Establishing relationship with customers one to one is battle half won.

Founder is the biggest spokesperson of the company, they have to be thought leaders and come across and speak at business conferences and network as much as possible.

Post Live Video

If the content is good, it is going to be a success as the customers are buying into the stories.

Reinforce Brand Image

Wear the company Merchandise and position it in a way where it constantly reinforces and people start associating the brand with you.

Humanise the Brand

Once the customer is mentioning it is their Brand, they are here to stay for long time.

Be Your Own PR Machine

There is always a limited window of opportunity to sell yourself and it is extremely important to seize them.

Knowing customer personally through the brand and figuring out what can be offered through the brand which you like and use as an ambassador.