The August Fest ’17 series – The Media Festival 19-Aug-17


The Storytelling Partners at The August Fest ’17 are back with their story from the event and the way knowledge sharing and understanding are shaping up.

There were talks about How the traditional world of publishing has changed in the new age media. From writing a book which is part of library as a final verdict to Google search yielding instant results and engaging the audience.

How the Silver Jubilee Movie collection during the older times has the metric changed to the collection over the opening weekend. The dynamics of the entire media industry is evolving with Digital Media Platforms giving equal opportunity to everyone to create and consume content.

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The infrastructure helping the writer to get the book reach maximum audience in one week to customers paying Premium for a dynamically evolving content.

The evolution of Social Media platform such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest to Snapchat has been changing the world.

We will cover the entire Festival in a series of 4 article to be published subsequently to give an insight into the minds of the leaders and creators from the industry.

I) Current Trends in the Publishing Sector
II) Voice of Slum – Journey from street children to Tedx speaker
III) Vlogging, Blogging and Ghostwriting
IV) Keeping Up with Digital Creators

Some excitement and some unknown, the leaders helping the new generation talent to shape up and build their niche in creating content and monetising it dynamically.

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