The August Fest ’17 series – Scale Up Festival 26-Aug-17


Entrepreneurs make the World Go Around

They are the bravest souls who look at an opportunity and grab them with both hands. The crux of it is problem solving to help and engage with masses and make their life more meaningful. There is always a solution it’s just which one works after more trial and error and trying and trying and never giving up.

Every journey has its own roller coaster ride.

The August Fest running in its 5th year celebrating Entrepreneurship bringing the Problem Solvers under one roof to network, brain storm and share knowledge. 26th Aug 2017 was one such day where these rockstars gathered at Indian School of Business at Hyderabad to share the challenges and learning in Scale Up Festival.

What is Scale Up?

The idea is being beta tested and it has acquired a sizeable number users and everybody is happy about using the product or service and at times are also paying for the same.

How do you go from a few Beta users sizeable in number to Astronomical growth and this stage in the life of Enterprise is called the Scale Up stage. The idea is to scale the product or service to acquire more users and the quality remaining the same and improving simultaneously.

There was a Music Composer who turned Entrepreneur. Someone who started the Dating App and there were a different challenge. When you speak about Delivery specially hyperlocal delivery and no one catering to the audience when there was necessity. Women are faced with a wide variety of challenge and over that when investor says “What if you get married and close down your business few years down the line?” Ecosystem is great enabler and stakeholders look at the marco perspective to drill down and solve a micro challenge. Human Resources are a key element and there was one person who started a consulting company in same domain and took it to IPO. From Public Relations to growth cases to engaging with the audience who is semi-literate but utilises technology prolifically.

Thanks to the Platform created by a bunch of passionate volunteers who share the same enthusiasm as a novice or seasoned professional shares for giving it back to the society.