August Fest

ISB Hyderabad- 27th August 2017;

Sports is something which keeps individual body and mind fit. When the person is physically active and mentally agile, the health helps individual contribute to himself and society.

As the saying goes “Money Has gone, Nothing has gone. Health has gone, Something has gone. The character is gone, Everything is gone.”

Sports is something which helps to keep healthy, shaping character and wealth creation.

Sports Carnival is an initiative to bring all the communities and stakeholders connected with Sports on one platform to network and share the knowledge. Create an ecosystem where anyone and everyone connected to sports can support each other.

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What started with “Sports Podium” where unknown sports person came to the platform and shared their story and journey to an Adventure Sports Meetup where kids brought their parents on a Sunday morning lead to the creation of “The Sports Carnival – where sports is celebrated through Knowledge Transfer and Networking on a larger stage.”

The first edition brought out various dimension into various sports and activities other than cricket to show the real-time situation.

Football is a very well played sport but the infrastructure and support needed at various levels so that when a player joins the big league representing their country to play at least 10,000 hours of football to finesse their skill to come to an international level.

How an individual who was working in a regular job at a large MNC started running with a club to preparing for a marathon to quitting the job and completing mini Iron Man Triathalon to shaping the fitness talent.

What started as something to come on a Sunday morning to occupy footpath to conduct some physical activity known as Physical Literacy Days is doing its part in long-term athlete development and sports.

This first edition of the interesting event shared by various stakeholders threw light onto the state of the infrastructure to attitude to what we are doing and how long and interesting the journey is going to be for India to come to the global level.