Company with the Solar vision


An another start-up with a basic idea of providing a solution to day to day power requirement, they figured out the ways of helping and earning equally for customers and themselves. Interestingly each customer talks about the transparency these guys work with, unmatched dedications and commitment they deliver.

Zolt Energy Logo

We are happy to bring the story of Zolt Energy, stepping into the world of players where giants are already playing and carving out your niche space needs dedication and determination.

We can say the team on ZOLT has the vision to achieve the same and a strong team of 11- 15 people, working towards their mission.  “To help fellow Indians become energy-independent, save money and help make their India Energy Surplus.”

The Backbones

Harsha and Pradeep were Co-Founders at Efficient Carbon, a clean energy consulting firm offering their services in Carbon Footprinting, Carbon Management, Sustainability Strategy formulation, Renewable Energy Generation and Life Cycle Assessment. Where the idea struck to provide end to end solution in implementing and maintain off-grid and grid connected rooftop solar power solutions for homes, offices, and industries. And excited with this they got Abhishek involved to get this venture off the ground.


Harsha Yadav


Pradeep Palelli


Abhishek Dabas


Harsha in an interview with shares some of the interesting moment of their journey with Zolt.

“During initial days, they had to pitch to the candidate on why they should work with Zolt instead of interviews being the other way around.”

“One of the candidates having completed MS in the US wanted to join their team in India and Harsha got back to him saying why he is not progressing with the interview and a year later when he returned to India and expressed interest in Zolt, the passion and interest lead him to hire his new team member.”

“Another person took some money from his family in Punjab and took a train to Hyderabad to work with the company in the solar domain, after knocking multiple doors he came to Zolt and was hired by them”.

“During Demonetisation they were in Chandigarh doing Roadshow for knowledge sharing and new opportunities. It all went for a toss as the legal currency of Rs. 500/- and Rs. 1,000/- became invalid.”

And a lot more to go.

Participating in The August Fest 2016 was a moment of Serendipity, they got an opportunity through 91springboard to setup a pod and pitch at the event. After the pitch by their team member Rishub they were sitting at their POD and at the end of the received a call saying, they have won one lakh prize, initially they thought it was a prank.

But it was a reality and the prize money and recognition received by them at the event acted as a catalyst opening numerous doors of opportunity and the credibility in the eyes of their potential customer.


We must say after long working hours and go getter attitude Zolt have successfully made their mark on Rooftop solar power segment. The feedback from the client is the ultimate measuring scale of your success.