Current Trends in the Publishing Sector – Vikas Gupta, MD Wiley India


Publishing Industry has been considered as one of the noble industry in the world which has taken the responsibility to compile and distribute the knowledge to the world. They give chance to authors to communicate their thoughts, ideas and learning’s to be translated into the book and delivered to the audience.

The publishing model has been same from 1400’s to roughly 2010 in which the Author – Writes, Editor-Edits, Proof Reader-Proofreads, Designer-Designs, Printer-Prints and Publisher has the responsibility to Distribute and Market to the audience.

About 10-15 years ago the word written in the Library Book was final and there was no dispute about it.

It todays time the book written is 6 months old by the time it is written from Manuscript to Market. The information available in magazine is about a month old.

The way we consume information today is through Google and in the last seven years or so the content is being consumed in multiple forms through multiple channels such as Audio, Video, Images Apps, Web Page, Virtual Reality and so on.

The book has one ending at the each of one chapter which is a static content and there is no premium for the same. The Interactive online book which involves the reader for option in terms of what they want and the algorithms are running in the background to get the story modified accordingly leading to a different conclusion when the book is read multiple times.

The content is technology oriented and something which is not available on Google can be delivered. The disruptive model in publishing where the two people in same class have different level of understanding and the content is crowdsourced. Author writes the basic plot and the ask people to contribute. Now those who have contributed needs to be paid.

Content creation is same and the way it is disseminated through videos, books and personalised content is making the difference. Publishing ecosystem will survive as the author can self-publish but the Publisher has the well-oiled machinery in place to market, distribute and make it available.

Author needs an infrastructure in first five days to make his book successful from content creation to monetisation ensuring the intellectual property is protected and transparency goes all the way in doing stuff in a period of three weeks which was done over a period of six months.