Dare to fly


O Little Bird!
Fly High!!
Don’t let the fear of falling
Abandon your sky.
It’s your sky, your home,
Beautiful and Blue.
Don’t let the terror of Vulture
Bound You!

Don’t worry about Momma’s scold,
Don’t worry about Dadda’s screams,
At the end, when you return,
After fulfilling your dreams,
Momma will feel proud of you,
Dadda will hug you Tight.

What did the passing Owl say-
“Ah Little Bird! Don’t fly so high,
Its dark up there and Behind that
Hill Demons Breathe!”
Don’t listen to the Owl,
Fly, Behind the Hill lies a Fairyland.
But the Owl couldn’t see it,
He sees only Darkness,Poor Owl!

Build your Nest on the Tallest tree,
Build it strong,Love the tree,
It won’t let you fall!
Now the Vultures,the Owls,
None will scare you!

You’ve found your Home,
And Broke the myth-
‘Little Birds! They just cannot fly High!’

Now,Go Home,
Bring Momma here,show her the Magic of your Fairyland!!
You know she’ll smile,
‘coz all the while,
when you were away,
she silently prayed your success!!

Go Little Bird,
Show the World what you have,
Shut the mouths that say ill,
You have done it with your Will!

O Little Bird,
Fly High!!
Now,you know won’t Fall,
It’s Your SKY!!



Pic credit- www.pinterest.com