Digital Desh – Story of Consumer Behaviour by Jasminder Singh Gulati from Now Floats


India has 52 million small businesses and once the focus is on small business for about a year nearly 20 businesses can go for IPO every year.

Now Floats provides a location based platform that helps small and medium businesses to grow bigger by getting them online and getting discovered by potential customers around them.

So the customer downloads the App which helps them making a website through prompts in turn leading customer to local store.

There are more people in India on internet then the entire population of US. To understand what is going on in this country the team drove from Amritsar to Kanyakumari over a period of one month and document what was experienced.

There have been four drives in the period of last two years and for all practical purposes continue till this date.

The cultural diversity across India is very big and strong and every 100 km the language changes, the way they talk and express changes, mobile behaviours change and time spent on mobile changes. For example if the family is conservative the usage of mobile is low.

The response to the questions are also politically correct as people are interested in giving right answers.

For Example

i) Are you on WhatsApp? – Yes
ii) Do you buy from Flipkart? – Yes
iii) Does the Internet work? – No

Now there’s a conversation taking place with non-targeted questions. It breaks away fear by an average person being asked the question.

Now an average Indian is happy to give the phone after 10 min of conversation. The discussion which they are having in their mobile phone has led to some interesting insights. The number of groups they are on WhatsApp. What do they do they communicate in those groups from information to jokes be it in vernacular medium or English and so on and so fourth.

How many of them go from WhatsApp vs Facebook vs YouTube video. What is the quality of jokes they share.
These insights lead to hypothesis which is derived by the team and it is mindboggling.

A guy is not educated but is prolific on WhatsApp and Facebook and has actually dropped out of 5th standard.
Keyboard of the phone is in different language for some Apps and English for other Apps. The observation is authentic with level of details and clear from the masses.


1) Fishermen in Karwar part of coastal Karnataka are using WhatsApp to sell their fish after it’s caught in ocean.

2) A 14 yr old kid in Orchha, near Jhansi is speaking broken French and Spanish to supplement his father’s income of Souvenir’s shop was learnt through Google Translate.

3) A gentlemen in Pushkar is utilising Instagram to sell his Camel Safari with #Pushkar #CamelSafari.

For us WhatsApp, Google and Instagram are necessities in life but for them their survival is dependent on it.

We don’t expect teachers to teach as the phone in the hand. An guy sitting in domestic Europe searches on Instagram and doesn’t mind giving extra dollars without negotiating. Business People know where business comes from and they are always ahead of learning curve.

The insights are revealing when it’s a matter of survival and Product Management becomes very important to understand consumer behaviour. When a customer is unhappy, they are put across the team so that they can share the frustration and the team works on getting the solution for the entire segment.