Glamour World


Glamour is one thing that turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze and talking about glamour world…it is totally a different place that glamour invites us to live in, which is simultaneously mysterious as well as a distinct mark of civilization.No wonders glamour is indispensable part of our lives and what makes it more distinct is the people who work to build it. It makes us love the idea of artifice and artificial beauty somehow. It just isn’t about being sparkly but inculcating more of fabulousness.

Although people often equate glamour world wrongly and they relate it with silver and golden screen, modelling, shoots blah blah. For people like us, glamour world is restricted to these things only but it is something that has no boundaries, it is not the same as beauty, style, luxury, it is not limited to fashion or film and of course not particularly feminine.

Glamour world is not just a word, it is oxygen,and it is the very earth for people who live for fashion, their own will and those who admire beauty of all sorts. It is something very powerful which holds the gravity to make you something huge if you grab and utilize the opportunities given the way you should and it also does hold its very own dignity to destroy you if don’t make your own ways out when necessary. Defining glamour may require a lot of yours and mine time, but here is only one thing to say that glamour is more about confidence living the life through and through just the way you want, true glamour lies within you!




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