Growth Story: From Starting Up to Fundraising or IPO


Every entrepreneur goes through the same journey in their professional career and when the stories are shared there is a resonance with the audience who have experienced or are experiencing the journey.

We bring out story of two dynamic entrepreneurs who have successfully built the company from scratch and got it to a level where they are recognised in the fraternity.

Husys Consulting – First HR company on National Stock Exchange – EMERGE

There were 16 million SME way back in 2002 in India and no one had dedicated Human Resource processes in place. Now the number has grown from 16 million to 55 million till date and today about 44% of working population works with SME.

Husys started with a vision to make the SMEs of the country get proper structure for their businesses and their human resources leading them to succeed. The dedicated and experienced HR professional team, are pioneers in handling the HR function management and HR Consulting services in the diverse field having handled HR Function Management projects with the modernized methods of technologies for our local, national, global SME clients and some of the Fortune listed 500 companies.

Billions of Dollars are spent on a problem called “Recruitment”.

The focus was on building an ecosystem of people on a platform called the HR platform. The opportunity to tap into a lot of HR professionals to become young entrepreneurs who do not want to reinvent the domain.

There was a thought about technology and also building an ecosystem that need to be developed and that is how franchise model was launched with partners.

Along with this journey the company went for IPO in Sep 2016, 25% of the equity was diluted to raise about Rs. 4.2 Cr. And that is how the journey continues.

MeraEvents – End-to-End, 360 degrees Event Technology Solutions Company

After having been in US for almost a decade and going to the startup journey and having lived through the 2000’s dotcom boom was interesting.

After moving to India in 2007, there was an interest in doing something in B2C space. After attending a sizeable number of exhibitions, conferences and seminars happening across India, there was not a single platform which consolidated and put everything in place lead to birth on MeraEvents.

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The challenge was “It doesn’t work in India”. A Do It Yourself platform was built over last 7-8 years having 4 different products catering to events industry as doing an event was a tedious task and there was no technology solution for the same.

The four products are

i) MeraEvents: Ticketing Promotion and Payment platform
ii) EasyTag: Batch Printing and Checking Application on the day of the event.
iii) moozup: Networking Application and Mobile App
iv) planica: Event planning software

The Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) grew from Rs. 7 lakh to Rs. 30 Cr till 2015 but these were not real revenues. When the focus went on the real revenue which the company was making it came to about Rs. 12 Cr. In 2015-16 with about Rs. 45 Cr. in GMV.

Then there was association with The August Fest for last 5 years and opened up API’s for anybody who wants to sell the ticket on their own platform. The idea was you create event on MeraEvents and it gets distributed on different platforms.

In the events industry the numbers generally don’t add up. Scale happens when you think big but the focus also has to be on small things and not to forget the real and important things which is customers.

The company has expanded to Malaysia and Singapore transforming it to a truly global company with a roller coaster ride.

An Entrepreneur’s journey is like “You die today and next day you are reborn”. The three pillars which are important i.e. Skills, Passions and Opportunities.

Helping others is the main thing the lost money will come back and the value is added in process.