One Life Many Roles Restless Spirit – Tanya Nambiar



Life is evolving every day and we must keep the peace going. few take risks and leave their comfort zone to pursue new journeys and chase those dreams that they believe in.

Tanya Nambiar is one such dreamer, explorer, and a strong soul, all of that shines through when she performs and when you interact with her. Our interview started with regular conversation but eventually was aimed at knowing her better. People like her are the real inspiration, who not only believe in their dreams but also have the guts to chase them. She still remembers when her band (Gravy Train) dissolved initially and she didn’t have much saving to start again.

I took a year to come back as a solo artist after 2015

This self-motivated artist has found her space in the music world and we see her going a long way. She draws inspiration from small things in life which have given shape to the music she creates and performs. Yes, ups and downs are part of life, as evolving is the process which makes every individual stronger.

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Tanya as a solo artist has been performing since 2016, with beautiful compositions and her soulful music has received lots of appreciation and garnered a good fan base.


It feels nice and keeps you motivated when you get recognition for your work when you are performing.

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