Keeping Up with Digital Creators


Casey Neistat is an American YouTube personality, filmmaker, vlogger and cofounder of multimedia company Beme.
Here is a Vlog “Do What You Can’t”

Digital Creators are the people and personality who are putting in their time and creative energies to share their talent on a regular basis with the world. It’s through being a YouTuber or Instagramer or utilising the digital media to create and consume content.

These are the people who are creative and have a Thinker’s Block. You give them the deadline and tell them to execute something and they are dud.

Leave them on their own and within no time their minds are working on multiple ideas. What began as a hobby or utilise free time or being pushed by a friend to explore what you are good at has led to this situation.

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When a group of YouTubers with their channel “Mostly Sane”, “Captain Nick”, “Shruti Arjun Anand” & “Gaurav Gera Official” along with Instagramer “natashanoel001” meet-up on a stage to share their experiences. It’s full of fun and laughter with the message being conveyed.

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All of us have a different personality and that is where their strengths lies. When you have to create a content which connects with the audience it’s the niche which counts. Something which comes naturally and at any given time there is atleast a series of 100 ideas popping in your head.

Find your genre or passion, Fashion, Comedy, Art, Design and start delivering the content. No one knows which one of them clicks and then you are in the mile high club. The audience who are interested in you are also your critique. They see things through you and love the way it connects with them.

There will be haters and it’s good to have them as they keep you on your toes. Brands will come and work knowing that’s the target audience they want to market. Last advice keep on creating content, collaboration and brainstorming is great when it’s multiple views to a topic coming into play and the output is way beyond imagination.

The Digital Media is growing and there is room for more creators to come onboard once the right note is hit the earning will follow the content.

As Prajakta says “I love my haters because I am wiping my tears with the Dollar Bills”. In this process a creative contributor and content creator becomes an Entrepreneur.