Lesson by Night Sky


She had numerous friends.Many friends claimed to know her well.

But what people saw of her was just a smiling face and twinkling eyes.Each night she used to cry because she was afraid of the loneliness amidst the crowd of friends in her life.

Each star seemed to be the one and only person who had left her,

leaving behind a void that could never be possibly filled by anyone.

But this night sky taught her the most valuable lesson of her life.She learnt that even when the shooting stars leave the sky,

it never grieves but moves on.

Maybe its same with her life too.The loneliness amidst friends,the sadness of laughter,the contentment of tears….

all of them said just one thing under that night sky.They said ”life is meant to be lived….So she has to move on.”



Image courtesy- www.huffingtonpost.com