Love Just A Coincidence (Ask Tesadufleri Sever)


This movie re-instils belief in love.In the year  1977, Two Kids born on the same day one was on its way and second came along due to the accident in the same hospital room. Staying at a blocks away during their childhood and enjoying the childhood prank.

The separation occurs due to circumstances and meeting in the adulthood is also unintentional with no memory of childhood. As they say, there are no accidents, the catching up is more soulful and thus the title “Love Just A Coincidence”.

Living in Ankara, moving to Istanbul to grow as an adult and returning back home with some career in mind. The photograph taken in the childhood sparks the conversation with a curiosity and the photo shoot as an Adult gives the other a break.

In the end, one gives their heart in the literal sense so that the other can live but it is all destiny. Once this is done the photograph as a baby born in the hospital completes the entire circle without the other knowing the heat-beating in their body is of Other.

Watch it to re-live the memory to travel through the personal journey and appreciate Art & Love. The movie is set in Turkey but the feelings are universal.

Check Out Full movie: Must watch