Pizza with a Purpose


A base of solid commitment, topped with a very good cause and a dash of fresh perspective. There you have, ladies and gentlemen, your very own Little Box Pizza.

Little Box Pizza is out on a mission of bringing about change with cheese and lots of love. Founders Brad Nagy and Angelo Viscoso are in the restaurant business specializing in wood-fired pizza. They have restaurants in NYC, Brooklyn and Westchester.

BRAD NAGY (Founder )

Co-founder and an inspiration himself, Brad Nagy says,
“We’re all given certain talents and we’re called to life a significant life by using those talents, whatever they are, to serve others. That is how Little Box Pizza came about. We can use our talent, skills and experiences in a creative way to help others, not just living selfishly for our own benefit. Little Box Pizza is ‘Pizza with Purpose.’ “



In the words of James Gibson, the first owner/operator of a Little Box Pizza Mobile Pizza Kitchen,

“This world is definitely in need of love, and it can be passed from one person to the next with just a smile, a kind word, or even a pizza.”

Follow along to get to know James and his inspiring story, and how he and Little Box Pizza intend to pay it forward in a delicious way!

LBP serves its customers from a super cool, high-end pizza truck that has a full commercial pizza kitchen in it. As the founders say, LBP was founded based on a passion for great pizza and a big heart for people. The response from people has been great and they make it fun. No wonder Little Box Pizza has been wonderfully accepted.

So far, LBP has been wonderfully accepted. The word is just starting to get out about what they are doing. The reviews online have been fantastic about the pizza. People also seem to love the social mission of the business and how they use ‘honest ingredients,’ like a hormone and antibiotic free cheese and meats, GMO-free flour and only clean ingredients.

The challenges have been many. Building a full commercial pizza kitchen in this truck environment was a totally new challenge for Brad and Angelo for sure. They had all sorts of learning curves but they tackled them one by one!

Check out how life goes around Little Box of Pizza



They are now searching for additional locations and operators to add more Little Box Pizzas in the area! We at GrassrootLive believe that Little Box Pizza is big step in the direction of second chances. A second chance at life, a second offer of love and of course, a second serving of pizza.

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