Public Relation Strategy for Startup Growth by Robin Wauters Founding Editor of


Public Relation is the way organisation and individual communicate with public and media.

When the communication is being done it’s about the whole message about the problem you are trying to solve for the right target audience differentiating from the competition and the solution being offered.


How well do you tell your story and it boils down to communication.

Research is available over the internet to help craft a good story, perfecting the message and teaching how to deliver well.

Do Something Amazing
It’s always about that one factor about the startup which is being represented by the founder and the solution is amazing.

Build Relationships
Interact with the journalist, before the meeting so that there is a trust and relationship established and built.

Understanding the Game
The idea is to not only convince the journalist but making sure they are interested in sharing the same excitement and story with the readers.

Convince with Facts
It’s always about What & Why. It doesn’t matter what the company is doing if it is not affecting the journalist personally. Create a narrative which helps the journalist understand the big picture of what is being done and give something which makes them care enough.

Image may contain: 5 peopleDo Not Waste Time and Do Not Lie
There is always a fine balance between to much information and to less information. Do not miscommunicate or misrepresent, because once you are caught there will be no coverage and will also eliminate the future chances of being covered.

Founder of the startup will always share their story and the relationship with the journalist and PR is built over a period of time. It will always be about the products and how much you care about the customers, their needs and also get them pay for it.

There is always an interpersonal relationship.