Run India



On a blazing hot humid afternoon, on the Jaipur-Viratnagar highway were four people in bright sporty

clothes walking away with a look of purpose on their face. Their gait and gusto was hard to miss.

Ashok recognized them immediately.

“Hey! They are the folks from Run India. I will go talk to them”, he said as he pulled the car over.

I watched him get out and catch up with one the runner-guys. He started filming the guy on his phone as

he ran/hopped beside him up. I clicked a few pictures of the entire team and the crew accompanying


In less than five minutes we bid goodbye to our relentless power-walking friends and we got on with our

journey. Clueless about these champs, I began with Ashok’s video. This is what they said and this is what

got me thinking a lot of things:

“Our vision is a part of the world vision. We are visiting various communities and we are raising funds in order to try to improve the education standards here in India so that people can have more choices and have more freedom to do what they want to do really.”

Their story intrigued me and therefore, I started digging more information about this group. Who are

these people? What are they doing here in India? Why are they jogging away in the afternoon in the

middle of nowhere?


What I learnt about them made me little humble. These people are not Indian nationals. These people

do not owe us anything. But these people are devoting their time and energy in bringing about a

positive change in all our lives. In a country plagued by communism, racism, terrorism, illiteracy and

poverty, these people are doing a marathon between two extreme points of India in order to raise funds

to fight these problems. Every step they take is going to become a big leap for in many issues we are

faced with today. These amazing people are creating a huge momentum as they run from one of the

driest place on earth, Jaisalmer to one of the wettest place on earth, Shillong.

Question is are we with them?

For more information, please visit their website and contribute in making this

movement a grand success.