Some Day


Some day,when I wake up

I hope to find that you’re still alive,that my nightmares haven’t turned true,

as you wake me up from my sleep & stop my screams.My heart would stop racing when I feel your heart beat against mine as you hug me tight.

Your wrinkled skin & grey hair against my young skin would provide solace for my scarred soul.


Your frail voice would reassure me back into sleep.

Some day,when I wake up

I hope to find myself in a world unpolluted by humans& their prejudice,envy,greed,corruption,sadism & hatred.

A world where peace & happiness is valued more than money.A world which is one big family knit together by love & not separated by national borders,complexion of our skin,religion or other such ridiculous divides.

Some day,when I wake up

I hope to find a smile on my face instead of tear stains.When sadness would be a thing of the past.


The only tears that would roll down my cheeks again would be of happiness.

Some day,I hope to wake up to a day when I would no longer hope for anything more.



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