The August Fest – Startup Story


Nothing is easy, setting up a new venture can be as brutal as can be imagined, may be beyond that.  When we are talking about startups there are too many challenges, some are bubbles and some rock.

Bringing a set of diversified minds together to build a community is even more challenging. Setting up a startup festival for startups is like building a startup, all over again. It has its own challenges and outcomes. One such quest is “The August Fest”.

The August Fest

Considered one of the most prominent platform for people with great ideas in India, the first edition of The August Fest kick started in 2013 at Indian School of Business. For the first time, ever Startups, Successful Entrepreneurs, Filmmakers, Geeks, Investors, Prominent Business Leaders came together on to one stage to Celebrate Arts & Entrepreneurship!

The festival showcased about 30+ Startup Demos and Short Films in the very first edition and hosted near about 500 people.

Who are these people?

August Fest was started by a bunch of inspired minds trying to make a difference to the world when they started in 2013. They pitched this idea to few people in the ecosystem initially but no one was really interested to support except the Indian School of Business.

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Later, they formed a team with Shravya, Subhash, Adi and Rahul who were running their own startups.


Adi Vemuru

Shravya Reddy


Rahul Venati

Subhash Achanta

Who’s the man behind The August Fest?

Kiran Maverick

He is a tech entrepreneur who has been building products in India and other countries. He was the brain behind India’s first social network back in 2005-2006. They were ranked No. 2 until 2008 and later, decided to launch a gaming company based in Hong Kong. Eventually, he left everything around 2009-2010 to build platforms that support entrepreneurs and young people.


Back in 2010-2011, there were very few events for Startup Entrepreneurs and knowledge sharing was limited. The few startup events which existed were inaccessible due to the high ticket price. Coming to Hyderabad, there were no startup events, hence people had to resort to traveling to other cities to learn and connect with people. Kiran decided to build an invaluable platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate and celebrate Entrepreneurship. The ticket prices to access August Fest have remained the lowest even after five years now. Eventually, building content of exceptional quality led bringing out the best in the minds of people all over the world and made them available for Indian entrepreneurs to connect, learn and collaborate.

No Straight Roads

When they wanted to change the way startup events were held and pitched this concept of building a more collaborative startup festival, the existing players in the ecosystem did not believe in their concept., “Hyderabad doesn’t need a startup festival”, is what they got as feedback. However, with whatever support they could manage and with partners like Indian School of Business and some great volunteers, they hosted a new kind of event that inspired hundreds of participants.

Downs & Ups 

With startups, there cannot be Ups & downs, it goes the other way around. Always. That gives us reason to laugh and be happy about, but yes it makes us who we are.

Imagine when the speaker for the festival does not turn up, what is the worst that can happen. So, there was one such instance, where a popular ecosystem individual was supposed to come in as a speaker at the first edition of August Fest in 2013. He never turned up, neither did he inform about not being able to come to the event. However, after the event was successful, the “speaker” self-invited himself to volunteer for August Fest the following year saying it’s the best ecosystem event ever.

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