The man who kept going


We all are on our individual journeys. We walk, we run, we fall, we rest. But how many people amongst us keep going. Here we have the story of at least one individual who kept going despite the many falls he had.

If you are meeting Manoranjan Mishra for the first time, your mind will be filled with words like Fitness Pro, Body Builder must be an athlete. But deep down is a man whose story is worth sharing.

Manoranjan took a plunge into the world of fitness at very young age out of sheer curiosity and admiration for folks invested in fitness. Soon he figured out that the rhythm of fitness matched the rhythm of his heart. Born and brought up in a small town of Baripada, Odisha; this young lad embraced all difficulties in life and began the process of building not only a strong physic but resilient mind and a determined heart.

His hard work and perseverance led to many well-deserved accolades. Eventually, he went on to open his own gym in Baripada.

So, what did go wrong, you may wonder at this point.

We live in a society which tries to control our decisions at every point. We live in a country where a regular 9-5 job is a mark of honor rather than what it really is, just another job. Similarly, the hero of our story decided to follow the regular norms. Even here, he served a surprise. Starting from acting in daily TV soaps for a couple of years to working at a corporate job, Manoranjan tested his skills at different things and he succeeded for a while. And then he accepted in ultimate calling….

Four years of corporate life took a toll on him. Unhealthy lifestyle, multiple health issues, and a whopping 140 kgs weight bogged and bothered him a big time. He searched for his old fit athletic self but that was nowhere to be found.


When asked about dealing with the crisis in life, he said,

“Life is not a straight line. It travels on a zigzag path. Just because you are going through a lot of downs today, does not mean you will see any more ups.”

His simple words make a lot of sense and have quite an impact.

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Our man started walking again…literally. He went in search of his old self within himself and he found him and he decided to bring him back. Manoranjan has never looked back since then. As The next wave of fitness washed over his life, Manoranjan took a bigger leap for everybody.

He has made it a purpose in his life to helping people struggling with health and lifestyle issue by guiding them in the right direction. When typical gym trainers talk about diets and exercises, Manoranjan spreads the word of physical and spiritual wellness.

This story is the first in the series of inspirational stories that we will be covering for Manoranjan. He may not be famous but he has made a difference to many lives. And we at GrassrootLive will be back with more stories about this gem of a person, Manoranjan Mishra

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