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As said by “George Bernard Shaw”
The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

The evolution has conditioned what we interpret and understand from a message stated in a particular way. The story of Pavlov’s Dogs is the case in point of conditioning and attaching the meaning to certain action and observation and our reaction to the same.

This brings us to Media, derived from the word Medium is a collective communication outlets or tools that are used to store and deliver information or data. Mass Media communication has is a combination of the press, photography, advertising, cinema, radio & TV broadcasting and publishing.

The whole idea is to communicate to the masses through a few words and/or photographs within a defined period of time to create an impact.

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The evolution of media has occurred over the period of time and with people spending more time on the internet and especially the social media the way of communication is changing and every form of media is investing in digital media to craft out content and brand strategy for public consumption.

As the dynamics of communication is changing and a lot of consumable material is available to the masses. The challenges in catering to this new form are also leaving a lot of room for innovation and problem-solving.

To discuss these challenges from the perspective of leading players in this industry, join us on 19-Aug-17 for The Media Festival @ Welingkar Institute of Management.

The leaders from the technology, content, storytelling, communication, and crowd funding platform will be there to share and discuss this evolving field and how the strategy should be devised for brands to stay ahead in this game.

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