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The year is about 2004-2005 when there are people who are discovering Blogging. The idea is that there is a new platform to experiment and put your thoughts into words and its available to the entire world to read and comment and share their opinion about it.

Then a few years later, YouTube was discovered as it was a video sharing platform and gave the bloggers a platform to create Vlog which is a Video Blog sharing their thoughts on a video to the world.

That’s what is called Dinosaurs of the Digital Age. A creative person putting out their stuff to get instant reactions and feedback. It’s inspiring to see such platform available to increase the content creator’s base to finding your own voice.

This was the interesting stuff shared by Lakshmi Rebecca from Red Bangle, A Media Tech startup building tech platform to enable video production across the world. It caters to efficient videos and video asset management for the enterprises.

Sachin Garg, Ghostwriter, Best Selling Author and Founder of Grapevine India Publishers.

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The impactful story is of Reshma Qureshi, an acid attack survivor who became the victim and it was not her choice but a mistaken identity. Taking two years to recover from the shock and depression and being around supportive family members who helped in her physical and mental recovery.

It was not her fault that she was on the receiving end it’s the perpetrator who needs to be ashamed and that’s when her channel “Beauty Tips by Reshma” came on YouTube and with the help of media and crowdfunding through Indiegogo helped her with the medical expenses and surgery.

She is the face of the campaign in India “Make Love Not Scars” and in 2016 was called for New York Fashion Week.

That’s the power of the New Age Media.