Wedding Stories – New Trending


Wedding Stories are the new trend of celebrating happiness in short films. These short movies have garnered a huge audience and global network for distribution. The whooping popularity of Social Media platforms has contributed immensely to these novice story makers.
Young couples planning to tie the knot and their families now wish to capture every special moment during the many wedding celebrations. And with talented Wedding story makers, it is now possible for them to do it without sweating it too much.

The Big Fat Indian weddings and the Grand celebrations are one of the most talked about events around the world. It is on the wish list of many people are across the globe to attend this one of kind of wedding. Thus, most of the wedding stories are going viral and crossing millions of viewers across social platforms.
Wedding planners and Wedding Photography business have evolved with time and are making a remarkable business because couples are willing to pay anything for that one candid shot.

We have compiled some of the wedding stories a which have gone viral.


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