Writing is better than Speaking


I decided to write

Nothing in my mind,no words,no thoughts

This isn’t my profession

I’m not a writer

But I have faced more storms than all,

I started at the moon,

It had a story too,

But it can’t be expressed

Through the past many decades,

It has witnessed many unprofessional writers,

Writers with true feelings,

Broken hearts,empty souls

Fake expressions,

And now it is witnessing me,

Becoming one of them,

I don’t have thoughts to start with,

But from some point I should,

Either from your mysterious eyes,

Or your dazzling smile

Or your last words

Your last memory…

But no, I won’t write,

I can’t share any part of you that was mine once

Because that’s all I can hold back

Fill the rest of eternity.


Picture Courtesy- www.flickr.com .