Youth on Fire


Bah! There Are No explanations required.
the decisions I have made Are my decisions and I have Every right to make those.

See,That’s what I hate about adulthood,this decision-making,thinking Over things,Over and over, Again and again.
whether it is okay or not okay or Whatever.

Following Someone else decision is extremely easy.But,Making Your Own Is Extremely difficult.

Specially when you are the kind of person who was unsure about Just Everything until 30th of last month.

and then,The decision You Made was hard To Understand.
why did I Do that, They think.

Amidst all,I look back towards My decision and Feel proud to Have Taken The Right Road.
I Mean,Okay, It is my fault I was unsure about my dreams.

but Now when I know Them, What was the point in slaughtering them

“..this is the job for you…You are made for this have possibilities in this course..” Told my Mentor, My teacher when I was Already Half way down the depression lane while making decision last month.

he knows me better than I know myself, I thought.
I smiled.

No offenses.
No pains.

I am happy.
and that the way It should be.

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